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5 Unconventional Ways to Start a Fire

5 Unconventional Ways to Start a Fire

Fire-starting material should always make the top of your packing list when going to the outdoors, and then the rest of survival items. Knowing how to start a fire is critical for any camper, and knowing the different ways to use resources around to start a fire is equally important.

When we are faced with extreme situations is when being resourceful comes handy. There are conventional ways to start a fire that we are usually taught or that we usually see. But then there are other less conventional ways not so commonly heard of that could come very useful when matches or lighters are not around. The next is a list of 5 unconventional ways to start a fire.


1. Gum Wrapper and Battery

Just remember that gum can go a long way in uses outside your mouth. If you ever happen to need fire and gum wrapper and batteries are at hand, you have a fire! This is quick and effective. You can use any size cylindrical battery. Just cut the foil wrapper in a way shown in the video and touch both ends of the battery. You will see how magically the middle part will catch fire. Watch the video.


2. Steel Wool and Battery

Although the chances of carrying steel wool and a 9V battery in the woods would seem low, knowing this technique could be helpful just in case you happen to carry these items. It is also quick and effective in producing fire, similar to the gum wrapper method. Reaching the steel wool with the positive and negative terminals will create energy to set the wool on fire. A cylindrical battery such as AA battery can be used also, just make sure to stretch the steel wool to reach both ends of the battery. Watch the video.


3. Pencil and a Car Battery

This one is very unheard of, but I was totally amazed when I learned about this technique. Just carve the pencil like the video shows until the lead is exposed, then attach jumper cables as shown. Placing the pencil on your tinder and attaching the other ends of the jumper cables to your car battery will heat to set your tinder on fire. Watch the video.


4. Plastic Wrap and Water

This one technique falls under the ‘aqua lens’ modality. Stretch and secure a plastic wrap across a frame, then pour water to form a bowl. Place some tinder underneath the ‘bowl’ and the aqua lens will form a beam capable of setting fire on the tinder. Watch the video


5. Urine and a Plastic Bag

Another way of forming ‘aqua lens’ but using something you would have never imagined: Your own urine. At the end, creating ‘aqua lens’ effect not only requires water, but any transparent liquid, urine being one of them. You can either fill a plastic bag or shape some plastic wrap into a bowl, put some urine in it, and wrap it up. A water bottle will only work unless you fill it enough to get the refraction you need. When ready, focus a beam of sunlight on your tinder…and boom, you have fire. Watch the video.

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