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10 Camping Hacks and Tips that will Improve Any Camping Trip

10 Camping Hacks and Tips that will Improve Any Camping Trip

Every family has their camping traditions and ways of doing things. It’s fun as children to learn from the seasoned pros how to toast the perfect marshmallow or how to keep the mosquitos away. In this blog, we’ll cover 10 camping hacks and tips that we’ve learned over the years to improve all your camping excursions.

1. Line your backpack with a garbage bag to keep the contents dry

You can never be too prepared for the weather to take a turn for the worse. Place a garbage bag in your backpack and then all of your items inside it to keep your gear warm and dry just in case.

2. Fill your sleeping bag stuff sack with clothes to make a pillow

This is a great hack for backpacking or just packing lighter in general. You’ll sleep better with a pillow at night and ditch the need to bring one along.

3. Use gallon jugs of water as ice packs for your cooler

Ice can be frustrating because it quickly turns into a watery mess and causes sogginess. By freezing gallons of water, your ice will be contained and can be used for both keeping things cool and eventually, as drinking water.

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4. Burn sage in your campfire to keep the mosquitos away

Mosquitos are naturally repelled by sage smoke and this hack will allow you to skip the toxic bug spray and still enjoy a peaceful night by the fire.

5. Use corn chips and Doritos as kindling

This trick is especially useful when you can’t find any good kindling lying around. The starches, chemicals, oils, and flavors in these snacks make them surprisingly flammable and great for starting a fire.

6. Crack eggs ahead of time and store them in a water bottle

Bringing eggs along on a camping trip is typically a daring task. If you crack them in advance and store them in a water bottle in the cooler, however, they can be an easy and portable breakfast.

7. Use frisbees as plates

Whether you forgot a plate or you’re just trying to pack lighter, frisbees are a great alternative. Give them a quick wash before and after a meal and they can serve two purposes for the packing space of one.

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8. Use a vegetable peeler to shave off soap strips for single uses

A bar of soap often ends up soggy, slippery, and getting all over after its first use. Try using a vegetable peeler to shave off individual strips. Place them in a bag, and take one out each time you need soap. This way you’ll never have to pack a wet bar.

9. Keep a clean pair of socks for sleeping only

There’s nothing less comfortable than sleeping in dirty, or even worse, wet socks. Pack an extra pair of clean socks strictly for sleeping purposes and enjoy a warm and cozy night of rest under the stars.

10. Dry your shoes overnight by removing the insoles and stuffing dry clothes into them

Hiking in wet boots is not only uncomfortable but can also cause blisters or other foot pain. When drying your shoes overnight, try removing the insoles and stuffing them with dry clothing to soak up the moisture. In the morning, dry the clothing by the fire or hang it off your pack.

We hope these tips and tricks serve you well on your next camping trip. See you out there!

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